Welcome to the ENT Specialties Audiology Department

audiology_imageThe Audiology Department at ENT Specialties is made up of 2 highly skilled Audiologists. Our dedicated team of Audiologists is responsible for the diagnostic evaluation of patients suffering from both hearing and balance disorders. The department also houses the Hearing Aid Center, which offers dispensing and maintenance of a wide variety of hearing aids and assistive listening devices. We strive to provide comprehensive audiology services that offer state-of-the-art technology to improve the hearing and quality of life for people of all ages. Meet our Audiologists.

Why do people visit an audiologist?

  • Through primary care or ENT physicians – they may refer their patients to us if hearing loss or dizziness is the chief complaint and further diagnostic testing is needed. If a hearing aid is advised, we can offer you a wide selection of styles to match your needs and budget.

  • Through personal choice – many patients come to us directly when they need hearing tests or want to be fit with a hearing aid.

What makes an audiologist different from a hearing aid dispenser?

EDUCATION! An audiologist is someone who has been specifically trained in the anatomy and physiology of hearing and balance. An audiologist must have a minimum of a Masters of Arts or Masters of Science degree in Audiology if they received that graduate degree prior to 2007. Audiologists who received their first graduate degree after 2007 must have a minimum of a Doctorate degree in Audiology. Hearing instrument dispensers are not required to have any specialized degree to practice in the state of Nebraska.

Audiology Services We Provide

Attention ENT Specialties Hearing Aid Patients:

Our billing policies for hearing aid office visits is changing effective 9/14/15 for hearing aid that are outside the original purchase agreement.  Please call the audiology department at 402-488-5079 if you have specific questions.  The new policy details will be posted in our audiology department exam rooms beginning 9/14/15.  Thank you so much!